TMC Flykerchief II

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TMC Flykerchief is an excellent choice for drying your fly and you can also use it to clean the lenses on your glasses!

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This is Flykerchief in Large (30x20cm) A big cloth that you can even cut in 2 or more pieces to save some space in your vest or have a fresh piece for later use.

Flykerchief is made of very water absorptive, state of the art synthetic material, the Flykerchief absorbs the water of your fly much better and faster than the taraditional amadou. And it does not dry out and get hard like amadou will if you are a bit unlucky and get it totally soaked after heavy rain..

Tip: Make a hole in the cloth and put it on a pin on reel inside your vest or pack. Then you keep it dry and clean for both flies and glasses!

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