Red Frances Alu Tube

Red Frances Alu Tube 1/2" (slide 1 of 1)

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The Frances is famous for taking reluctant fish that have been on the river for some time.

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It's equally good on fresh fish and a must have in your arsenal! Our Frances has the original carrot shape tied with UV materials in the body. This fly is tied on aluminium tube for a lighter fly when fishing in shallower waters.

The pattern was created by Peter Deane back in the 1960s. It takes its name from his assistant Fances Hydon who had the task of tying up Peter’s design. The pattern was designed to be a prawn imitation and in common with all good fly stories it caught a lot of fish and soon came to dominate catches in Iceland. Later this pattern has proven its effectiveness all over the globe for both salmon and sea trout. This style of fly must have been a real eyeopener for salmon fishermen all over, it's truly something special and quite odd looking compared to flies back then. The shape of the body and the antennas create a lot of turbulence and movement in the water.

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