Posh Sunray Blue

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The Blue Posh Sunray is a great fly for clear- and glacier rivers. A firm favourite in rivers like Lærdal, Stryn and Aurland in Norway.

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Posh Sunray are something between the original and a temple dog style fly. More materials than the original and quite a lot less than on a temple dog. This hybrid solution has proven itself to be very effective flies. Tied on plastic tube with colour to match the rest, underwing of fox for little more volume and support of the top wing of premium goat. These flies feature our own custom synthetic Jungle Cock that are flexible and made of an almost indestructible material.

The original Sunray was originated by Ray Brooks and is a masterpiece of simplicity and is the ultimate minimalistic salmon fly. This slim fly type fish great on all kinds of water levels, time of day and season, vary the size of fly and colour after the situation.

Guideline Sunrays are made of the best materials with beautiful tapered wings that fish even better than they look. We dare to claim that you will have a hard time finding better quality than ours.

Since 1993, knowledge and passion have been reflected in each of our products. We are dedicated to meet the high expectations of the modern fly angler with lesser impact on nature, while giving rise to everlasting moments by the water.

Because, at the end of the day, It’s all about the experience.