HKA Sunray Black & Orange

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HKA Black & Orange is perfect for colored rivers and early season/flood.

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HKA is short for Henrik Kassow Andersen, Henriks fly have body of pearl mylar and a grey/black wing. The typical for a HKA is the slightly larger head with attractive 3D/holographic eyes, a great trigger that looks like a small minnow.

Our editions are tied on multi-coloured tubes which need no further dressings, wing are made of top quality goat and mirage flash. These Sunray's are light flies that come alive in the current. They have incredible movement in the water and you sure want to fish these with different techniques before you switch to another fly!

Since 1993, knowledge and passion have been reflected in each of our products. We are dedicated to meet the high expectations of the modern fly angler with lesser impact on nature, while giving rise to everlasting moments by the water.

Because, at the end of the day, It’s all about the experience.