Hackle Shrimp #6

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Shrimps are one of the staple food sources for coastal sea trout in many areas, especially when the water heats up in the end of the spring and summer approaches. Our Hackle Shrimp in size #6 is therefore an indispensable addition to any angler's fly box.

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The Hackle Shrimp has taken the influence from many good and proved patterns and contains all the key ingredients like realistic eyes, a small strike indicator towards the butt, a little flash and a long, soft hackle over the tapered body. This together mimics the natural movement and appearance of shrimp, making it highly attractive to these predatory fish. Its lifelike presentation can trigger aggressive strikes, even from the most cautious fish. A pattern like this is a great fly to use durning days with clear water and good visibility as it has a subtle and discrete apperance. It is also a great fly for anglers wanting a smaller dropper fly fished with a bigger and brighter point fly.

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