Fario LW Spools

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Spare spools for Guideline Fario LW fly reels.

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Spare spools gives fly anglers a quick and easy way to change fly lines while fishing, but also a cost effective way to have additional lines ready for action. At Guideline we offer spare spools to all our reels. For those who wants to “pimp my reel” you can pair a spare spool to a reel frame with a different color as long it is the same model and size.
Size Guide
DiameterSpool WidthArbor DiameterWeightCapacity Example
#2490mm28mm58mm120g80m 20 lbs dacron +WF 4F
#4696mm30mm62mm125g100m 20 lbs dacron + WF6F
#68102mm30mm62mm141g100m 20 lbs dacron + WF8F

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