Animal Pike Muppet Red&Black

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The Guideline Pike Muppet flies are large flies of 25 centimeters in length that are easy to cast and yet have a good volume when in the water. They are available as three different color combinations.

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The Animal Pike Muppet Red & Black is a big, dark and discrete fly that is a given choice when you want a bait with a stealthy approach. It is a good pattern for clear water and sunny conditions, but it can also be deadly in murky water as the black color gives a good contrast and nice visibility. With the black approach it is a good fly when there are dark bottom dwelling bait around.

The wing are made of durable Big Fly Fiber that easily release the water out of the wing when you cast. Some crystal flash fibers to spice it up and a collar of marabou to add further movement to the fly. In the front you find realistic eyes on each side of the head, covered with hard and durable epoxy for long life and durability. The Pike Muppet series are produced on high quality #3/0 black nickel single hooks, and the wing is tied 'tarpon style' that will not tangle at any time, no matter your casting style or conditions.

Since 1993, knowledge and passion have been reflected in each of our products. We are dedicated to meet the high expectations of the modern fly angler with lesser impact on nature, while giving rise to everlasting moments by the water.

Because, at the end of the day, It’s all about the experience.