Fly fishing depends largely on fresh nature and clean watercourses. For a fly fishing company such as Guideline, activity and existence rest on these basic criteria. Our value base reflects what we stand for in our lifestyle, in our environmental and sustainability efforts and that we care about each other. But we can not do everything and we have therefore chosen to support a number of organizations that do a great job to protect our waters and preserve our heavily pressured fish stocks.

Älvräddarna, The River Savers Association is a nonprofit, and political independent organisation, working to keep the undeveloped running water streams alive, and to stop them being regulated for hydropower. At the same time we are intensively working to restore existing regulated waters with fish ways, and also to restore a healthy ecological balance in them. Guideline supports Älvräddarna as a Gold Sponsor.


Read more at Älvräddarnas website: is an ideal foundation that works to ensure viable fish stocks in all Norwegian salmon and sea trout waters. The board works unpaid on an ideal basis. A special feature of is that we provide direct financial support for a number of important and concrete measures, often in cooperation with other organizations such as Norwegian Lakseelver and NJFF. Our main source of income is the annual auction based on generous gifts from river owners, tourist companies, shops, individuals and equipment wholesalers from all over the country. Marketing of the Wild Salmon auction reaches approx. 150,000 fishermen.


Read more at Redd Villaksens website:

Norwegian Salmon Rivers organizes over 70 of Norway’s most important salmon rivers, from Lakselv and Alta in the north to Mandal and Otra River in the south. Our work is based on three pillars: conservation of wild salmon, responsible local government and salmon fishing for everyone.


Read more at Norske Lakselvers website:

The North Atlantic Salmon Fund non-profit was founded in the United States in 1996 to support the work of Icelandic businessman and conservationist, Orri Vigfusson. An avid angler who came of age fly fishing on the banks of remote Icelandic rivers, he is credited with saving the wild North Atlantic salmon from extinction. His strategy of brokering commercial conservation agreements aimed at preserving this endangered fish, while simultaneously compensating fishermen and transitioning them to more sustainable fisheries, has saved over 10 million North Atlantic salmon since 1991. Orri Vigfusson passed away July 1, 2017, but through the efforts of the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (US) and its partners abroad, his legacy will live on. A fund has been started in his name to ensure Orri’s signature accomplishments, the commercial conservation agreements, will persist for as long as they are needed.


Read more at N.A.S.F´s website:

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