Guideline QFP Program - Qualified Flyfishing Professional

Thank you for your interest in the Guideline QFP Program! The flyfishing industry's most valuable assets are the hard-working professionals that day in and day out build the core of what we think is the most beautiful sport in the world - flyfishing. Our hope is that the Guideline QFP discount program will provide quality fly fishing equipment to fishing guides, instructors, content creators and people employed in the world of flyfishing and conservation. We look forward to receive and evaluate your Guideline QFP application.

Who can apply for the Guideline QFP Discount Program? 

  • Professional flyfishing guides. 

  • Flyfishing retail shop employees.  

  • Persons working in an educational role in the flyfishing industry. 

  • Content creator considered a significant influencer within the fishing community. 

  • Conservation worker/employee managing our natural resources.

Terms & Conditions   

  • As a member of the Guideline QFP Discount Program, you will be entitled to purchase products at a discounted rate for personal and professional use.  
  • QFP discount program members are not authorized to use the Guideline brand in any marketing materials. This is strictly a discount program for professionals in the business. 
  • Please keep program details to yourself. You may not purchase products for friends, family, clients or co-workers, nor resell products purchased through the QFP program. 
  • QFP purchases can only be made on-line via the Guideline website. 
  • The discount program is a privilege and any breech of these terms will result in immediate dismissal from the program. 
  • Shipping-cost and custom related charges will be added to the purchases.

Guideline QFP Application  

1/ Please copy the questions below and answer them all in an e-mail.  

2/ Attach the requested document-files into the same e-mail.  

3/ In the Subject field put ´Guideline QFP Application' and send to  Here you can also reach out if you have any questions about the application or required documentation.


Company name: 
Company business nr:  
Personal name:  
PO number: 


Mobile phone nr: 


Other SoMe channel: 


Short text about yourself and your work; in English language: 

Reference names from the fishing business, name and telephone or e-mail:

Please attach at least one of the documents below to proof your current status in the business.  

• Company registration document 

• Fishing guide license 

• Proof of employment with your title 

• Business card with your name and titel 


All documentation must be uploaded as digital files like PDF, JPEG, PNG etc. All applications require documentation to prove your status in the industry. If you do not submit proper documentation, your application will not be processed. Please allow ten days to process your application. All information regarding the program, complete Terms & Conditions and discount levels will be supplied when your application is approved.

At the moment we do not approve applications from the UK, Ireland or in countries where we have a distributor network.