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The thicker and longer butt section of the Tiemco Heavy Butt Leader delivers a fly accurately even in a heavy wind. Tippet-less design to adjust the length as the situation demands.

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The Heavy Butt Leader from Tiemco is a first-class choice for fishing in windy conditions, when presenting weighted patterns or for fishing with dry flies that are tied particularly bushy. This is because these knotless leaders have a strong, longer butt section, allowing for a very effective turn-over. These leaders offer Japanese top quality, which is reflected in excellent turn-over properties, low memory, high wet knot strength and super long life.

The special formulation of the 10ft long Heavy Butt leaders with 40% butt section, 45% taper and 15% tip results in a very efficient transfer of energy from the fly line to the fly - incredibly important when you are fishing with weighted or wind-prone flies or when you are struggling with wind in general. The stretch characteristics of the grey monofilament line have been chosen so that there is enough flexibility to buffer head shakes in the drill without having to give up a secure strike. With a length of 10ft the leaders have a universal length for many situations on stream, river, lake or coast. Ideally, you should combine the leader with a tippet between 60 cm and 90 cm.
  • Knotless, tapered leaders with superior turn-over.
  • Made from highest quality Japanese monofilament.
  • Special heavy butt taper with strong butt section for effective turn over.
  • Length: 10ft. (3,05m).
  • Color: Stealth Gray.
  • Material: Nylon.
  • Taper profile
    Taper profile

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