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4D Tips 15' 9g/139grains (slide 1 of 1)

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Guideline 4D Interchangeable Tips are developed for use together with our 4D Multi Tip Bodies and Classic Scandi Bodies.

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These tips have phenomenal turnover and sink fast and correct. All sinking tips have Dual Densities to ensure a straight sinking path. They have outstanding turnover core strengths matching the strength in the bodies and high durability. To achieve the best possible performance available in tips on the market today, we have developed the taper from the actual front sections of our original Triple Density lines.

There are a total of seven different densities, two different lengths and four different weights to choose from in this range. All Tips have strong, reinforced loops in both ends and have printed ID marking on the sleeves for easy identification of weight, length and density.

Tips: try our Mesh Wallet 4D Body & Tips for better storage and to organize your tips and bodies.
Technical info
Sink RateSink 6 - 6" (15 cm) Pr. second / 6,5 seconds pr. meter
Model15' 9g/139grains
Eco Features
Non Toxic PU LineThis flyline is made of polyurethane, containing no toxic softening agents.
Size Guide
Recommended Body
15ft 9g/139grains4D Compact & 4Di 22-39g
15ft 11g/170grains4D Compact & 4Di 25-39g
18ft 12g/185grains4D Compact & 4Di 25-39g
18ft 14g/216grains4Di 32-39g
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Sink rates & depth control

Lines with different densities can really step up your river fishing. Learn more about the different densities here.Read Post

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