The wild salmon stocks are facing difficult times in many places of the world, and we want to do our part by donating to some organizations that work with these important conservation initiatives.  We want to acknowledge the wild salmon not through a Black Week, but in our SILVER WEEK!


During Monday to Friday 20-24 November 2023 we will donate 30% of the turnaround from our B2C sales to the non-profit organisations below. There will be no special deals or discounts, but a good chunk of the money you spend will be used to save the wild salmon stocks around Europe.


30% from our International webshop goes to to N.A.S.F, 30% from our Norwegian webshop goes to Redd Villaksens and 30% from our Swedish webshop goes to the Baltic Salmon Fund.


Read more about the organizations:
N.A.S.F -
Redd Villaksens -
Baltic Salmon Fund -