Wader care & maintenance

To make the most out of your waders it is important that you take a little care of them. This will maintain the properties and avoid bad smell and reduced breathability. To maintain the properties in the pants you should wash and impregnate. Do a thorough cleaning / waterproofing in this order.



Waders can be washed in the machine, but a traditional hand washing in the bath is more gentle. Dissolve a mixture of washing powder and soak the pants. Rinse the pants securely. Are they really dirty you can scrub lightly with a soft brush. When you are satisfied with the outcome, hang your pants to dry and leaves to dry completely. If you want to store the pants or put them together it is very important that they are completely dry. Damp pants laid out can cause mold and cause the tape on the seams loosening / fade.


If machine washing, it is important to remember the following: Wash with cold water. No fabric softener. Dry with the inside out. Let them drip dry until they are dry. Remove loose parts such as shoulder straps and wading belts. Use ordinary washing powder. You can also use Revivex High Tech Fabric Cleaner which is more gentle.




After a period of use the pants will smell. The smell comes from sweat, dirt and bacteria. Do yourself and those around you a favor and make them odorless! To remove stubborn odors and bacteria from waders, fill a tub with warm water and add 2 capfuls of MiraZyme™ Enzyme Based Gear Deodorizer. If you have a small pack with Mirazyme take this. There are also instructions on the package. Dip waders to saturate all areas. Remove from tub. Do NOT rinse. As the suit dries, MiraZyme does its work - consuming organic matter such as mold, mildew, algae and bacteria, leaving your suit odor-free.




When you use the wading pants the water repellant properties will weaken. Fresh from the factory all waders have a repellant added to its outer layer. The repellant is there to protect and make sure that the outer layer/garment does not soak up water. With ReviveX Spray-On treatment you will restore this property. Hang the pants up and spray on the Revivex Water Repellent. There is no need to spray on neoprene/rubber. While waders are damp, use a warm iron to activate water repellent treatment—avoid ironing neoprene booties or rubber components. You can also use a hairdryer to activate/dry the pants.

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