Perfect service and a pleasant experience of our customers has been our mantra since our shop was born back in 2016. Located in the heart of the Reykjavik capital area and directly on the way from the international airport, Flugubullan, or The Fly Shack, is your one stop for all your fly fishing needs. We offer a wide selection of Guideline products as well as others. Our expert staff is always happy to provide you with information and advice on anything that has to do with fishing in Iceland and the equipment we sell. All the products we offer can be purchased from our renowned fishing online megastore and we offer free shipping of all online orders throughout Iceland, and of course we offer in-shop Tax Free shopping for all our foreign friends.


ADDRESS: Hlidasmari 13, 201 Kopavogur, Iceland

WEBSITE: www.flugubullan.is





Hlidasmari 13

201 Kopavogur



Tel: +354 8336440

Web: www.flugubullan.is

Info: info@flugubullan.is