Laxa Salmon 13'7 #9/10

Complete fly fishing kit

Varenr: 100141
Guideline Kits have been updated with a totally new range ofrods with new actions, new look and improved performanceacross the board.

Taking advantage of new material technology with reduced resin content in the graphite cloth, these rods are a little lighter and crisper than our previous kit rods that have been with us for years. There are also some new, very interesting lighter and shorter double hand rods that will suit younger newcomers to the sport as well as female anglers perfectly. Our brand new, high performance and cool looking FAVO fly reels are fitted to the rods and are spooled with custom designed GUIDELINE WF and Multi Tip Shooting Heads depending on rod length and model. These kits are assembled and ready to be used straight out of the rod case. Just add a fly of your choice and attach it to the leader and start fishing.

Flyline Floating GL Multi Tip Shooting Head with 15’ Sink 3 Interchangeable Tip . 26+8 grams. Total Weight 34grams / Total length 11,0 meters (6,5 + 4,5m). Shooting Line 50 lbs GL Compline II.

Product information

Fish Species Salmon
Fishing Spot River
Line weight #9/10
Pieces 4
Rec. Head Weight 34-37g / 525-570 grains
Rod length 13'7"
Rod Type Double Hand
Type of fishing
  • Streamer
  • Tube Fly

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