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Xchange WF Tri Tip

Sink Tips

Product nr: 102889
A new, exciting line concept, equipped with a set of 12’ tips and a ”standard” weight idea that makes it versatile and useful for anglers who cast normal overhead and Spey casts.
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But there is nothing stopping you from using heavier gram weights on your rod if you prefer more “load”. The new, custom designed tips make it versatile choice for fishing in a multitude of different conditions with your Switch outfit. The Xchange Tri-Tip line has been developed to bring you a complete Multi Tip tool with true Shooting Head performance in a WF configuration. The medium stiff, slick coating and the thin running line ensure great energy transfer and tangle free shooting.

Each line comes with a mesh wallet and three separate 12’/3,6m long tips in F, S3/4 and S6/7. All looped in both ends and ID marked. The belly, including a 2’/0,6 m back taper is a convenient 5,0 meters long, which makes this line very easy to handle, also with the fast sinking tips. Total Head length including tips is 8,6 meters. Color: Pale Green/Sunrise Orange. Length WF 6 & 7 - 27,5 m. WF 8, 9, 10 – 30 m.
Model Head lenght Tip lenght Head weight incl. tip
WF6 16,4' - 5,0m 12' - 3,6m 15g - 231 grains
WF7 16,4' - 5,0m 12' - 3,6m 17g - 262 grains
WF8 16,4' - 5,0m 12' - 3,6m 19g - 292 grains
WF9 16,4' - 5,0m 12' - 3,6m 21g - 324 grains
WF10 16,4' - 5,0m 12' - 3,6m 24g - 370 grains

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