Ultra Compact

Shooting Heads

Varenr: 103009
These are the shortest and most compact shooting heads in our range. Ultra Compact floating heads are tailor-made for use in small rivers, targeting Sea Trout and Salmon with single hand- or Switch rods.
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The taper offers controlled and accurate turnover both with long leaders or with the biggest, bulkiest flies in your fly box. The taper construction distributes enough “loading-weight” into the back of the line, making casts with limited backspace easier to perform. This gives a true advantage when fishing heavily overgrown rivers or lakes and coastal areas with obstacles behind you. Because of their short length, these lines have a very concentrated weight that loads the rod effectively.

For maximum rod load, we recommend that you use a set up with for example the #6/7-16gr head on a 6-weight rod.If you prefer a slightly lighter feeling in your casting and fishing, you may choose to “down-size” by for instance using the 16 gram #6/7 head on your 7-weight rod. Both options will work beautifully, but your demands and preferences will decide what is best for you. Ultra Compact Heads come with factory made tiny-loops in both ends. Color: Light Blue.
Model Head Weightt Head Length
#5/6 14 gram / 216 grains 6,6 meter / 21,5 ft
#6/7 16 gram / 247 grains 6,8 meter / 22,3 ft
#7/8 18 gram / 279 grains 6,9 meter / 22,5 ft
#8/9 20 gram / 309 grains 7,1 meter / 23,3 ft
#9/10 22 gram / 339 grains 7,4 meter / 24,0 ft

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