Mop Dragon Olive #10

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This is a very effective imitation of a dragon fly nymph. This pattern is effective in lakes and ponds almost the entire season. However it has it's peak in spring and early summer before the hatch of the real fly starts.  Fish the fly with short and quite fast retreive (10-20ccm) and let it sink now and then. Pay attention while the fly sinks, this is also an important stage in the fishing. Cast along the shore or slightly out from it, the real insects live close to shore and you will find them sitting on sunken trees and plants in shallow water.

Mop Dragon is made of a special chenille that looks like the material found on mops for cleaning. Thet material is twisted to a furled body and then shaped with a lighter. This fly is very durable and has proper stiffness in the body so that is does not get caught in the bend. The fly will be darker brown-olive when wet, a color that is very close to many dragon fly larvae. The fly is aprox 25mm long and is tied on Kamasan B405 size 10.

Moisten the fly before you start to fish or even better add TMC Sink Gel. The gel will make the fly to sink instantly. Since this pattern is supposed to fish on shallow water it's sparsly weighted, also because of keeping proper balance in the water. Legs are of spandex, far more durable than rubber. Fly is design by Rune Andre Stokkebekk.


Product information

Fly Type Nymph
Imitation Dragonfly Nymph
Stage Larvae
Usable in Lakes
When to use
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • Whole season

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