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Wiggle Tail Børstemark - Black Bead Head

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Wiggle Tail Børstemark (bristle worm) has the same originator as Pattegisen. In Denmark, Claus Eriksen's pattern is described as a small revolution. No other bristle worm imitation is anywhere near as lively as the Wiggle Tail Børstemark. Bristle worm imitations are particularly relevant in the period March to early May. But this fly has been proven to catch sea trout all year. We sell two versions of the fly. Unweighted that is suitable for shallow or full surface fishing when these are swarming. The brass head variant has a more general scope.

Our flies are tied like the original with swivel mounted on the hook and tail. This helps to counteract that the tail hooks into the hook bend and provides maximum freedom of movement. The tail is original Pacchiarini Wiggeltails made of a strong synthetic material that is also used for pike flies. It is a thin textile cloth that can withstand sharp teeth and hard fishing hour after hour. The fly is 12cm long when lightly stretched out. We recommend that you soak the fly with water before you start fishing to get rid of the annoying flapping noise a dry tail makes when you are casting.


Product information

Fly Type Streamer
Imitation Bristle Worm
Usable in Salt Water, Coastal environments.
When to use
  • February
  • March
  • April

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