Paste Floatant High N Dry Fishing Products (20)

Paste Floatant

High N Dry Fishing Products (20)

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The High N DryPaste floatant is made to be used on both flies and leaders/tippet. This is a thicker type of gel than we usaually add on our dry flies and is made to stick longer to the item than regular gel. We reccomend this for usage on flies made of foam or bodies of hair like bombers. Its foremost usage is on leaders/tippets and strike indicators of materials like yarn and wool.

Greasing your leader has many advantages within a variety of fishing situations. Imagine you are sitting on the bank, waiting for patrolling trout. After a while the leader sink and when you want to make a new cast the fly dives and get stuck in some vegetation on the bottom. Fly lost and tippet broken! All types of monofilament soak up water after a while and the more you use your leader more it will soak up. Grease up your tapered leader and tip of fly line when fishing on shallow water and save yourself some irritation. Easy lift off’s with no diving flies!

Another scenario is when you are fishing dry flies active on the surface, a skating caddispattern is an example. A well floating leader creates less pressure on fly and the result is a fly that float better and move easier on the surface. Like all High N Dry Products, it is 100% environmentally friendly, does not contain harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and is not affected by temperature extremes.




• Nonflammable, it contains no organic solvents, is 100% solids and is environmentally friendly.
• Long lasting formula. • Prevents the fly from getting soaked with water

• Easy and precise dosage.
• Lid fixed with tab, secure from leakage and won’t come off.
• Strong price-performance ratio, 50% more in bottle than most competitors.
• Works well on strike indicators.
• Content: 30 g, 1oz container.
• Stable viscosity in hot or cold environments
• Shake well before use




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Eco Friendly Eco Friendly, Non Toxic