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Fario Distance is a good solution for fishing varying water types with the same line. It performs well for close range work, but will excel in medium to long distance fishing. This is the fly line for those who like to aerialize more line and present the fly with long- and controlled lay downs. A line very well suited for lake fishing and larger rivers. The longer belly requires more space for the back cast vs. Tactical and Elite and the same when anchoring the line on the water when spey casting. However Distance has a superior combination of length and delicacy vs. the two other lines in the series. Fario Distance suits intermediate and good casters better than the novice, or anglers that prefer a calmer and more stable line. For typical close range fishing in the 10m/30ft range, both Tactical and Elite will offer easier handling and more load of the rod.



Fario Distance features a ”long belly” taper of 12,1m/44,3ft, it has a 6,5m/21ft long front taper and a rather short 2,0 m/6,5ft back taper. The good balance between a long front taper, a medium long belly and back taper followed by a 3,0m/9,8ft medium thick handling line, lets you aerialize more line with better control when going for distance. The relatively thin running line delays turnover, makes the line stay in the loop longer and ensures good shootability and casting distance when needed. The long front taper secures a controlled turnover and is specifically well suited for fishing with nymphs and dry flies.

The color is Golden Amber with a Pale Orange handling- and running line. Total length of the line varies between 29 m/95 feet in WF 4 & 5 to 32 meters/105 feet in WF 6-7.



TLT (Triple Layer Technology) & Direct Contact Core
Complex, multiple density and hardness in the coatings of these lines help to shape the flylines of the future. A new, revolutionary chemical formula and three different coating materials control hardness as well as memory and density in various parts of the lines. This creates better casting performance, more efficient fishing and bite detection, as well as added durability. TLT has given us the chance to build lines that float well and repel water better and more effectively than any lines we’ve produced before. Built on braided multifilament Direct Contact Core with only 6% stretch.




Our eco vision is Clean All the Way, which means the least environmental impact possible. This fly line has a Polyurethane coating instead of PVC that bleeds harmful plasticizers (Phthalates) into the water. Our boxes are made from recycled paper with water-based UV coatings and we have removed all plastic spools from the packaging. The result is that we can offer you the “cleanest” and most eco-friendly fly line on the market.




Model Head Lenght Head Weight Color Total Lenght
Fario Distance WF #4 12,1 m / 39,7 ft 11g  / 170 grains Golden Amber/Pale Orange 29 m / 32 yds
Fario Distance WF #5 12,1 m / 39,7 ft 13 g / 200 grains Golden Amber/Pale Orange 29 m / 32 yds
Fario Distance WF #6 12,1 m / 39,7 ft 15 g / 230 grains Golden Amber/Pale Orange 32 m / 35 yds
Fario Distance WF #7 12,1 m / 39,7 ft 17 g / 260 grains Golden Amber/Pale Orange 32 m / 35 yds


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Eco Friendly PVC-Free
Fishing Type Trout - Dry & Nymph

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